Little Smiles Fundraiser

No-Tap Have-A-Ball


$25 per week, per person
3 person teams (any combination male/female)
11 weeks
Thursday nights at 7 PM
Every bowlers receives a bowling ball of their choice at the end of the season

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Welcome to the most thrilling bowling league this side of the alley: No-Tap Have-A-Ball! Get ready to roll your way to victory with a twist that’ll have you striking out with excitement.

Picture this: you step up to the lane, ball in hand, and with a confident flick of the wrist, you send it hurtling towards the pins. But wait, what’s this? You’ve only knocked down nine pins? No problem! In No-Tap Have-A-Ball, nine pins down on your first roll equals a glorious STRIKE! It’s like getting a bonus every time you step up to bowl.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! At the end of our action-packed 11-week schedule, it’s not just bragging rights you’ll be walking away with. Oh no, my friend! Prepare to choose your very own shiny new bowling ball, courtesy of your stellar performance in the league. Whether you’re into sleek and stylish, or bold and brash, the choice is yours!

So lace up those bowling shoes, dust off your favorite bowling shirt, and get ready to roll with the No-Tap Have-A-Ball league. It’s bowling like you’ve never experienced before – where every roll is a chance to strike gold and bag yourself a brand-new ball!

Event Information

}  March 10, 2024
  Sunday, 01:00 pm to 04:00 pm
  (716) 875-8814
n  Fundraiser
    USD$20 Bowling & Food | $15 Food Only

Event Organizer

   Little Smiles of WNY

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